Health, Prosperity, and Leadership Institute, the parent organization of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, is spearheading a crowdfunding campaign to expand our projects and infrastructure, so that we can grow our impact by making it easier for people and organizations around the world to connect, inspire, and lead their own movements for world transformation.

We’re aiming to reach one million people during the month of April, and unite the world on one day.

If you have ever felt that your life has benefited from tai chi, qigong or any other holistic, integrative health practices, this is your chance to pay it forward.

Join our movement by contributing $1 or more and sharing this campaign, and you can become part of a living legacy!

Please help support this campaign by doing the following:

  • contribute $1 or more and invite 100 of your friends to join this fundraiser
  • personally invite ten close friends to do the same




Chai Tea Tai Chi – Children With Purpose Orphanage, Ensanada Mexico

Pushing For Peace – The Peace Games

Asklepios – Qigong For Cancer Care